Ingrown Toenail / Nail Surgery

Ingrown toenail

An ingrown toenail occurs when a sharp splinter of the toenail digs into the flesh at the side of the toe, and can be really painful. This can also lead to inflammation, infection, pus formation and bleeding.

Many factors can result in ingrowing toenails. Excessive pronation (in-rolling) of the foot, tight fitting or high heeled shoes, foot deformities such as bunions and improper trimming of toenails are some of these factors.

Conservative treatment

If your ingrown toenail is not too severe, your podiatrist will trim back the piercing spike and clear the skin around it, and will advise you on preventative factors and further care. Occasionally you may need a course of antibiotics to beat the infection.

Nail Surgery

If you experience recurring ingrown toenail with extreme pain, swelling and infection, then you may need total or partial nail avulsion to remove the whole nail or the section that continues to cause problem and then a chemical is applied that stops the removed section of the nail from growing back. Nail surgery is performed under local anaesthetic. Your podiatrist will provide you with post-operative information. Please note that there is always a small chance of regrowth.

It is important that you weigh yourself prior to your appointment, bring sandals to accommodate the large dressing around your toe and arrange your transport back home as you will not be able to drive after the procedure. You will need to continue redressing the wound until full healing is achieved.

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